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2019 Web Design Trends

Mar 21
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Going to redesign your website, or maybe starting a new project? Well, even if just wondering what’s going on top designers’ minds this year – you are at right place. In this article, we are going to speak and showcase some common trends that have a chance to go viral in 2019.

Mind blowing design solutions are being posted on https://www.awwwards.com constantly. Sometimes you can find such beautiful solutions that would even make you think alternatively regarding traditional web standards but here comes a huge BUT! Does that design solve the actual problem of business it represents, or does someone perform split testing for those solutions and what are the results? Unfortunately, we are not aware of the statistics. Thus, this article is just our subjective opinion and prediction.


In its annual announcement, Pantone color institute declared Living Coral the color of 2019 the year. In their words, this “vibrant, yet mellow” color is providing comfort and buoyancy. Well, it’s even interesting how many brands will involve Living Coral in their projects.

However, the multi-tonal gradient trend of 2018 was so good that it will still keep its place in 2019, adding some surrealism, with more colors, making it more attractive.

Color gradients are not only being used for giving a tone or mood of the project but also helps to manage focus emphasis of the user, for example, pointing out the important content by enhancing text readability. Designers from Apple found double application to this approach. They use gradient not only as a background to text but also change the text color to the multi-tonal gradient.

In case you always liked gradients, it’s the perfect time to add colors to your project. Use gradient generator tool and find the colors you like or check the catalogue websites like UIGradients or WebGradients to pick the best collaboration.


Unique illustrations are also trendy this year. Custom-made illustrations with bold and bright colors emphasize the brand identity itself, get more attraction of users and, as a matter of fact, increase the conversion of the website.

Monochromatic Color Design

Picking one base color and design the whole website with its palettes can save you from a painful job of choosing the color scheme and, also, gives a modern look to your website. Don’t know which point MailChimp’s designers were driving to, but they did it brilliantly.

Fluid & liquid effect

Liquid effects seem to be a part of 2019 design tend as well. Accompanying content or even being used on typography or other content elements, fluid and liquid effects already made a thousand websites unique and eye-catchy.

Static liquid compositions are great but when liquids move – this creates a kind of mystery or magical filling. Check out website designs below to feel the pleasure of these effects.


Minimalism – Word that can be perceived as a simplicity but never as simplistic, exact the same with appropriate style. Just get into the meaning of the popular among designers phrase “less is more” and you will probably guess, as we do. The said minimalism will always be actual in modern design trends, well, at least web design, enhancing brand elegance, and mystery.

At the same time, users switching from other websites, that most probably are fed up with a tone of information, may find a quiet corner on your minimalistic website. Unconsciously they feel the comfort and pay more attention to your content.

Video Headers

Back in 2014, when W3 announced the release of HTML5, website developers started to use and experiment with new <video> tag. After a short time, the background video in headers became trendy. That was awesome, apart from the fact that in term of page download time and glitches in that video, including such a heavy element on the website header was not the best idea.

Nevertheless, 5 years passed (demn, 5 years from 2014th…) and technology, as well as inet score, allows to go back to that design, of course accompanying it with crazy stuff.

White Space

White spaces are growing year by year, and not without reason!
The tremendous impact on users’ attention by bold, bright, big letters should be somehow balanced. The interesting thing is that now the term “white space” isn’t irrelevant to color, it’s more about space. Modern web design doesn’t require using white color. Use the one you like, patterns, background and texture.
You may have heard of the term “Negative Space” which is a direct equivalent to white space. The main idea is to give the users space to rest.


A prediction of a noticeable trend in typography by many executive designers (Alex Blattmann, Rick Banks, Riccardo De Franceschi, etc.) is becoming a reality. Images are being replaced by big and bold fonts that, for sure, aren’t less attractive.

Note: In case you are planning to include bold fonts in the web design, do it minimalistic, don’t lose user attraction to the content in the noise of already alternative design.

The global trend of customization, of course, couldn’t touch the typography. Thus, strange as it may seem, brands and companies are making personal custom fonts, that guarantee outcome growth and suit web design the best.

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