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WordPress and its future

Mar 20
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The latest big 5.0 update of WordPress caused some grievances between users and developers. It offers a new block-based developing environment. There’s no doubt that its impact is going to be really massive.

The huge discussions and evident disappointment regarding Gutenberg made some people worry and even ask questions regarding the future of WordPress. The majority of WordPress users and contributors started asking questions like “Is Gutenberg update a start of something much bigger or is it the end for WordPress?”

In our opinion, it is a great strategic decision to provide everyone with endless possibilities and keep the CMS number one for the upcoming years.

The new update will, for sure, require some time to get used to, but the good news is that we are going to have amazing possibilities with a time. The other great thing is that Gutenberg now requires a higher entry barrier. This means the number of contributors will be reduced due to the quality and knowledge (deep React knowledge) requirements. As a result, poor-quality software would be replaced with cool stuff that is easily solving existing problems. The aim is to constantly keep users satisfied with the CMS they have chosen. As a result, providing even more prevalence of WordPress.

Adam Preiser from WPCrafter also wondered regarding these questions but despite others, he managed to organize an interview with WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg and asked those questions directly. Matt, with his confident answers and insights, ruined all the doubts regarding an unfavourable feature of WordPress, gave a brief view to featuring development and clarified the situation regarding the Gutenberg. One thing is 100% clear, he takes WordPress as a life-job and is going to develop it for decades.

On the other hand, if we try to analyze the history of WordPress and the current situation and try to predict the future of it – we will also have a positive prediction, and here is why:

  • WordPress is older than Facebook and Twitter – when all trendy technologies come and go WordPress stands from 2003
  • WordPress.org had no CEO and never will – the distributed management of this community-driven phenomenon decrease the chance of mistake done by one person or a small group of people.
  • More than 52,000 Free Plugins – just imagine, 52K free plugins developed by the community, do you remember any other project having these many supporters? neither am I.
  • Many businesses depend on WordPress – From the number of bestselling plugins and themes hosted on Envato’s marketplaces, we can see that many businesses making real cash on WordPress, and those businesses will certainly return their debt by providing non-harsh support to the community.
  • There are common CMS problems that WP community solved during these years – Providing users with a friendly CMS system backed by modern technology is one thing, but giving an additional value like thousands of differently designed themes or one-click SEO optimization tool is another. How many new technologies would be integrated into ‘X’ CMS it will still need the help of professionals like Yoast guys to have such awesome SEO tools like WordPress has today.

In case someone is still doubting, let us introduce some numbers of nowadays, that the community can be proud of:

  1. In case someone is still doubting, let us introduce some numbers of nowadays, that the community can be proud of:
  2. 32.5 % of all websites are running on WordPress

  3. 60% of the global CMS market belongs to WordPress
  4. 44.8% of colleges, schools, and universities all over the world use WordPress.
  5. Almost 42% of all online stores run on WooCommerce (Source: Builtwith.com)
  6. 635 WordCamps, in 68 cities
  7. 14.7% of the Top 100 Websites in the World
  8. WordPress is available in over 50 languages

Undoubtedly, this open source giant is performing well. It’s partners and contributors are spending days and nights to make it better and better. The reality is that we need time to understand if Gutenberg update was as a success or no. For sure, it’s the gamechanger software that can be a step to WordPress bright future.

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